WordCamp Brisbane 2015

Jen Jeavons presentation at WordCamp Brisbane 2015

At the end of May I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Brisbane 2015, my second WordCamp. The line up of speakers was excellent and at times hard to choose between the two steams. Luckily everything was recorded and slides were provided by the speakers. A few sessions really stood out for me, below I’ll […]

WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 was released today after, close to five months of development and almost 1,200 individual changes. WordPress 3.3 is codenamed ‘Sonny’ after famous jazz artist Sonny Stitt. You can check out his music below: New Welcome Screen Among the many improvements to this new release of WordPress is a brand new welcome screen for […]

SEO Lessons From Apple’s Steve Jobs

We know that Google is looking at the design of the site to some extent nowadays. Several versions of the Panda update debuted this year, and before that, Google rolled out its site-preview option on search results pages. Apple products are testament to the fact that people appreciate nice design as long as you don’t […]

Tips For Optimising Your Google Places Listing

Achieving a front page ranking in Google Places is an integral part of local SEO. The search results pages in Google gives a fair bit of real estate to the businesses who have well optimised listings in Google Places and even if you are at the top of the organic searches, you could well be […]

WordPress 3.2 – What’s New?

The new release of WordPress, version 3.2 comes with some very nice new features. ‘Zen’ The new ‘fullscreen’ mode, allows you to simply click a button in the post or page editor and you are taken to a blank, distraction-free canvas where you will see only the heading of the post and the text you […]

SEO, ROI and Tracking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be one of the most cost effective ways of achieving a strong return on investment from your marketing campaign. When you implement an SEO strategy for your online or offline business, everything can be tracked and monitored down to the last detail. There are plenty of free tools available for […]

How To Customise Your WordPress Dashboard

Learning how to customise your WordPress dashboard can be useful both for a web designer/web developer perspective and also for your website clients. Many of the widgets that show up by default on the dashboard are unnecessary and can easily become distracting, especially to those clients unfamiliar with the WordPress admin area. It’s also advantageous […]

Copyright, Trademark and Blog Design

Web and blog design is a very interesting area of intellectual property law. Not only is it an interesting mashup of copyright, trademark and unprotectable elements, but it’s also a largely untested area of law. With the Web itself only being of any importance for the past 15 years or so, there have been very […]

Priceline Protects goes LIVE !

Sydney 28th February 2011 In partnership with Global Red, AIA Australia, Priceline, Salmat and Mail Marketing Works; Purple Prodigy is extremely proud to announce the launch of the Priceline Protects online insurance web portal. This is a fantastic ground zero effort to design, develop, test and deploy a fully integrated true end to end portal […]

WordPress 3.1

WordPress 3.1, the latest release, includes some very cool new features. Code named “Reinhardt” WordPress 3.1 is packed with some useful tools whether you’re familiar with WordPress already or whether you’re a novice. Here are just a few of the new features: Post Formats The new post formats option is an excellent way to be […]

Why FaceBook Pages Are Important

There are many good reasons why FaceBook pages are important if you have a business whether it’s an online or an offline business. From an SEO perspective, Google and Bing have both confirmed that FaceBook has an impact on search engine rankings. Facebook pages show up in the search engine results pages so this could […]

GoodReader for iPad

GoodReader for the iPad was voted the #1 selling non-Apple app for the iPad in 2010 for very good reason. It’s an excellent app used for reading not only PDF documents but you can also listen to audio files, watch videos, view images and many other file types such as TXT and Microsoft Office files […]